I’ve dedicated 25 years of professional service to improving the emotional well-being of children, adolescents, and families.  My mission is simple: to help kids and their caregivers live more fulfilling lives – no matter what their personal difficulties or life challenges might be.

I’ve spoken over the years on a wide range of child development and professional development topics.  My programs are always filled with love, laughter, and learning.  Check out the full list here.

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"The Mindfulness training from Dr. Montiminy was the most positive and beneficial training that I have had the pleasure to attend in my 17 years of Special Education Teaching and training.  I not only learned many valuable tools to help the students stay more mindful in their everyday endeavors, but also tools to help me in everyday life."

- Laura Thorne , Special Education Teacher, Wingate Elementary 

The benefits to your family, school, or organization will likely include:

  • Less stress-related suffering, more stress-related growth
  • Greater ability to recognize your stress points and how to cope with them
  • More practical tools for guiding your students who are struggling
  • Greater confidence and comfort in facing life challenges with kids
  • More fun and joy – both during and after the program!

How do my programs work?

All programs can be adapted for public or professional audiences, and are available in three sizes:

  • 60-90 minute presentations (including Keynotes)
  • 3-hour (half-day) seminars
  • 6-hour (full-day) workshops

All programs can be tailored to fit your particular group’s training needs.

Before any presentation, I’ll work with you to make sure I understand your needs and goals, and we’ll fine-tune the program accordingly.

During the presentation, I promise to deliver:

  • a lively, interactive program
  • an approach that is both light-hearted and serious-minded
  • real-life, practical strategies that participants can use right away.

After the presentation, I’ll follow-up with you to ensure that your expectations were met – and to offer any other support or resources you may desire.

Standard speaking fees apply, though they may be reduced or waived for certain community or charity events.

Bottom line, I care deeply that the information I provide can make a difference in kids lives. So let’s see what kind of a difference we can make together.


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"The entire day was very practical for teachers/staff to be able to learn inner peace in the hustle bustle days of technology and in our fast paced lives in schools.To be able to model and teach ways to reduce anxiety for young people is a life skill that will serve them well.  It is ok to stop, breathe and unwind several times a day."

- Terri Kenny, Principal, Port Matilda Elementary